Do you have an open balance with LRH? SAVE Now!

Ask about our 50% System Conversion Discount Program!

System Conversion Discount Web GraphicIn anticipation of our conversion to a new Electronic Health Records system this fall, we are offering a one-time 50% discount on any outstanding balances owed to LRH. This only applies to the patient’s portion of a balance owed, including co-payments, not any amount that is expected to be covered by a patient’s insurance carrier.
Payments must be received by September 30, 2022, for the discount to apply.
Some eligible patients have already received notification in the form of a mailed letter separate from a standard bill. If you received a letter and want to take advantage of the opportunity, please call us at 603-259-7627 or stop by Patient Financial Services at LRH. If you think you are eligible for this discount program, but did not receive a letter, call us at 603-259-7627.

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