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First and foremost, thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare. We take great pride in providing high-quality care to our neighbors, friends, and fellow community members. As you may be aware, Dr. Kathleen Pearson has left North Country Primary Care at Littleton Regional Healthcare. We have been working with her patients to establish care with one of our other providers or another institution when appropriate. We are also writing to inform you that Dr. Kylee Finn will be leaving the practice as of February 28, 2023. We will also be working with patients of Dr. Finn to ensure continuity of care following her departure.

If you have an upcoming appointment that is affected by these developments, our office will contact you. Otherwise, there is no action required of you at this time. If you do not have an upcoming appointment with us, please contact our office to arrange transfer of your care to another North Country Primary Care provider. Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5pm, and can be reached at (603) 444-7070.

Sarah Maroon, APRN has recently joined North Country Primary Care and has been instrumental in providing patient care to those affected by recent staffing changes. She has proven to be a great addition to Dr. Richard McKenzie and Meg Amadon, APRN, both of whom continue to serve our Family Medicine patients. While we actively recruit for provider replacements, we also have visiting physicians to help provide care on an interim basis.

Please know that our entire staff is devoted to your health and well-being, and we are honored to be part of your healthcare team. Our established patient population is our top priority right now and we appreciate your patience and understanding these past several months as we shifted resources to address ongoing access issues and make improvements to better serve you.

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