Littleton Regional Healthcare to Consider Affiliation Partners to Further Enhance Patient Care

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After significant strategic planning work to determine how best to serve the healthcare needs of those in the Northern New Hampshire region and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) Board of Trustees is moving forward with a comprehensive exploration process to thoroughly analyze and evaluate potential affiliation opportunities. The Board, Medical Staff Leadership, and the Executive Team will analyze and evaluate options that align with the LRH vision to provide exceptional patient care and grow to meet future community needs, while maintaining local identity.

“As the leading and largest provider of healthcare in our region, LRH is a vibrant and financially strong organization,” said Chief Executive Officer and President, Robert Nutter. “Our organizational strengths – led by our highly committed team – will help guide us through this process and put us in a good position to ensure that we will continue to be the essential healthcare institution in the region for the foreseeable future,” he added.

LRH has been committed to its mission of providing high-quality, compassionate, and accessible healthcare in a manner that brings value across the greater North Country of New Hampshire and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont since 1907. Over the last few years, the LRH Board of Trustees and leadership have engaged in a strategic planning process that focused on looking forward and have determined that LRH needs to be very intentional to be successful in carrying out this mission over the long term.

“The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and it is becoming more difficult for rural hospitals to fulfill their mission and fully serve their communities,” said Jeff Woodward, Chair of LRH’s Board of Trustees. “Ongoing investments in medical technology, information technology, and facilities are necessary, and we must remain current to address community healthcare needs. We have agreed to move ahead with the affiliation process to determine if there is a partner that shares our commitment to our mission and can help ensure that LRH grows and thrives well into the future,” added Woodward.

The affiliation model can take varying forms in healthcare. It is generally a contractual partnership that can enable both parties to better serve their communities through sharing knowledge, resources, best practices, and potential economies of scale. Joining a larger system can bring various benefits such as better purchasing power, enhanced access to clinical resources, improved clinical pathways, financial stability and sustainability, improved recruitment efforts, and potentially lower costs of care.

“We are fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality care and patient satisfaction, and our focus remains on providing this exceptional care to the communities we serve. We will continue to ensure that our staff needs are a top priority and remain the employer of choice,” Nutter said.

Based on the parameters for potential affiliate partners that have been agreed upon, LRH does not foresee any impact on its employees, daily operations, or patient care.

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