LRH’s Nursing Excellence Award

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LRH’s Nursing Excellence Award was first presented in 2013 and has since been awarded annually to a nurse who best embodies the traits of compassion and nursing care excellence. This year’s Nursing Excellence Award was presented to Jennifer Maccini, RN.

Jenn exemplifies the qualities of a true healthcare professional, consistently going above and beyond in patient care and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence. She prioritizes the needs and well-being of her patients, ensuring a patient-centered approach to care is maintained at all times. Jenn’s compassionate and kind demeanor creates a supportive environment that fosters trust and comfort among patients and their families.

Jenn understands the importance of holistic care and ensures that each patient receives personalized care that meets their individual needs. One of her greatest strengths is her exceptional ability to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team.

As a role model for all healthcare professionals, Jenn is highly regarded and respected by her peers. Her professionalism, integrity, and dedication have earned her the admiration and trust of everyone she works with, making her the ideal recipient of this award. Join us in thanking Jenn for everything she does and congratulating her on this much-deserved honor!

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